Terms and Conditions For Limited Offer Closing Date Jan 6th

Terms and Conditions For Limited Offer Dec 28th – Jan 6th

Program Fee

First Payment: A non-refundable deposit of €100 will be payable to secure your application.
Second Payment: Second payment of €100 is due within 21 days of submitting application and paying deposit.
Final Payment: Final payment is when your application and your employer job offer has been approved by the J-1 Sponsor. At this point your DS 2019 paperwork is ready to be issued. This paper will be issued and posted once final payment is received.

Any promotional offer is not confirmed until the deposit is paid. Second must be made on time to hold your program position.

Full program fee is €649 which includes insurance cover if job offer is submitted by April 1st. If job is submitted after April 1st full program fee is €699.

Cancellation Policy 

Cancellation must be confirmed by email used in registration. Cancellations by phone are not accepted.

  1. Cancel after deposit paid – forfeit €100 deposit.
  2. Cancel before submitting Job Offer to the US Sponsor but you have not uploaded your job offer for vetting – forfeit €200
  3. Cancel after your Job Offer has been vetted and approved by the US Sponsor – forfeit €200
  4. Cancel after full payment has been made and DS-2019 has been issued – forfeit Full Program Fee

We allow a cooling off period of 7 days for both deposit and second payment.

Visa Denial Policy

50% of program fee will be refunded.

Obligation of the Applicant Regarding Securing Job

The student is responsible for securing a J-1 summer job as a condition of the program. As the program has a limited allocation of places failure to have a job offer submitted and approved by April 1st, may jeopardize his or her position on the program. J1 Ireland cannot be held responsible for any of your delays and any monies paid to the program will be deemed non-refundable should you lose your place due to job offer submission delay.

Additional Fees 3rd Party Fees

USA Embassy Fee $160. There is no refund for US Embassy fee a student decides to cancel after their appointment has been made.
SEVIS $35. SEVIS fee is non-refundable.

Restricted Jobs/ J-1 Summer Work Travel Program Exclusions

  1. Positions that could bring notoriety or disrepute to the Exchange Visitor Program;
  2. Sales positions that require participants to purchase inventory that they must sell in order to support themselves;
  3. Domestic help positions in private homes (e.g., child care, elder care, gardener, chauffeur);
  4. Pedicab or rolling chair drivers or operators;
  5. Operators or drivers of vehicles or vessels for which drivers’ licenses are required regardless of whether they carry passengers or not;
  6. Positions related to clinical care that involves patient contact;
  7. Position in the adult entertainment industry (including, but not limited to jobs with escort services, adult book/video stores, and strip clubs);
  8. Positions requiring work hours that fall predominantly between 10:00 pm and 6:00 am;
  9. Positions declared hazardous to youth
  10. Positions that require sustained physical contact with other people and/or adherence to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Universal Blood and Body Fluid Precautions guidelines (e.g., body piercing, tattooing, massage, manicure);
  11. Positions that are substantially commission-based and thus do not guarantee that participants will be paid minimum wage in accordance with federal and state standards;
  12. Positions involved in gaming and gambling that include direct participation in wagering and/or betting;
  13. Positions in chemical pest control, warehousing, catalogue/online order distribution centers;
  14. Positions with traveling fairs or itinerant concessionaires;
  15. Jobs that do not allow participants to work alongside U.S. citizens and interact regularly with U.S. citizens and to experience U.S. culture during the workday portion of their Summer Work Travel programs;
  16. Employment with employers that fill non-seasonal or non-temporary job openings with exchange visitors with staggered vacation schedules;
  17. Positions that require licensing;
  18. Positions for which there is another specific J visa category (e.g., Camp Counselor, Trainee, Intern);
  19. Positions with staffing agencies, unless the placements meet the following three criteria:
    1. Participants must be employees of and paid by the staffing agencies
    2. Staffing agencies must provide full-time, primary, on-site supervision of the participants
    3. Staffing agencies must effectively control the work sites, e.g., have hands-on management responsibility for the participants
  1. Note: Requests to work in the following, require additional investigation by the US Sponsor:
    1. Lines of business that are frequently associated with trafficking persons (e.g., modelling agencies, housekeeping, janitorial services);
    2. Employment that has a housing component that does not offer suitable, affordable housing (e.g., that meets local codes and ordinances) and reliable, affordable, and convenient transportation to and from work when making job placements.

Candidate Program Rules and Regulations

Candidates must handle all aspects of their application by themselves. We will not discuss applications with friends or family.


The J-1 Summer Work and Travel Visa program is open to 3rd level full time students pursuing degree level.
Maximum numbers of times for participation on the J-1 Summer Work Travel program is three.
Any Candidate is not eligible to apply for another J-1 if previously terminated from a J-1 program.

The US sponsor considers such criteria as Candidate application packet materials, age, education background, work experience, English language fluency, physical and mental health, references, essay, and personal interviews in determining whether to admit the Candidate into the program. The US Sponsor reserves the right to refuse approval to a Candidate that the US Sponsor, in its sole and absolute discretion, deems unacceptable to the program.

  1. I am able to speak, read, and understand conversational English at a level that is sufficient to function on a day-to-day basis in the employment environment.
  2. I am in good health (both physical and mental) and can see no reason why my health would be a barrier to success on the program.
  3. I have received information regarding my health insurance coverage. I am aware of the coverage and limitations thereof.
  4. I will obey all U.S.A. federal, state, and local laws and I will abide by all of the regulations of the J-1 Visa, if required.
  5. I will attend in-person/online orientation sessions in my home country & in the USA.
  6. Any illegal use of drugs or alcohol, or abuse of harmful controlled substances or illegal possession of drugs, alcohol, or controlled substances will result in my immediate repatriation.

Program Parameters

  1. I understand that the program provides an overall understanding of American business practices and gives me an opportunity to travel throughout the USA
  2. I will comply with my employers’ rules and respect the dress code of the Host Company.
  3. I will carry out the duties and responsibilities of the position, which the US Sponsor has approved. It is my responsibility to advise the US Sponsor of any significant problems regarding my health, safety, welfare, adjustment to the training, culture, language, etc.
  4. I have read the list of non-approvable employment provided by the US Sponsor and understand that working in one of these industries or positions compromises my visa and that visa will be terminated by the US Sponsor
  5. I understand that any employment must be approved by the US Sponsor before I can begin. As part of the approval process I must assist in gaining proof of business license or similar document regarding my intended employer.
  6. I possess and can show proof of at least US$1500 that I will bring to the USA to be used to support myself during the first month.

Problem Notification and Resolution

It is the responsibility of a J1 SWT Participant to notify the US Sponsor of any significant problems during the program. The US Sponsor will attempt to resolve such problems. If the J1 SWT Participant violates any terms of this Agreement, the US Sponsor may, in its sole and absolute discretion, terminate the participants’ participation in the program, therefore cancelling their visa. The participant will have to depart the US, at his/her expense.

  1. I understand that the program is temporary and the duration of the training program is stated on the DS-2019
  2. I understand that I have until 30 days after my program is completed to return to my home country
  3. I will not accept any form of employment other than what is authorized by the US Sponsor
  4. I will not terminate my employment with the Host Company without consulting with the US Sponsor staff for assistance
  5. I understand that failure to comply with program rules or giving misleading information may result in program dismissal
  6. I will pay for any property damages that I have caused. I will return home within 30 days of the DS-Form visa expiration or immediately if terminated from the program for violation of the sponsor rules governing the program. I understand that I cannot work or receive training during the 30-day grace period.
  7. I understand that the length of my visa cannot extend beyond the commencement of classes at my school or university.

Compliance with J-1 SWT Visa and Program Requirements

Failing to maintain your J1 SWT status could result in serious consequences and may affect your ability to remain in or return to the United States.

  1. I acknowledge that that I understand the rules of this program
  2. I understand that the US Sponsor sponsorship authorizes me to participate in the program at the company that they have approved.
  3. I declare having no intention of remaining in the USA after my DS-2019 expires.
  4. In order to activate my visa, I must contact the US Sponsor within 1 business day upon arrival to the USA and give my contact information, copy of my passport visa & stamp, and DS-2019.
  5. I acknowledge that I must continually update the US Sponsor in the event that I move change accommodation during my stay in the US.
  6. I acknowledge that I must update the US Sponsor when I finish my job for the Summer and begin my travel experience.
  7. I acknowledge that I must, at the end of the Summer, update the US Sponsor on my intended return date – and inform them of any deviation from that date
  8. I acknowledge that I understand that I must make myself available to receive a monthly call (or emergency call) from my sponsor.
  9. The US Sponsor, in its sole and absolute discretion, reserves the right to terminate my sponsorship, and I understand that I will depart the US within 10 days at my own expense.

Furthermore, I understand that failure to engage in the Summer job for which I have been approved or early departure from that job, without prior approval by the US Sponsor, could lead to program termination, in which case I will have 10 days to depart the US at my own expense.

I understand that if I do not comply with these program rules, the US Sponsor has the right to withdraw its sponsorship and I will be required to leave the USA immediately.

Processing of Application, Issuance of J-1 Visa

The US Embassy issues J-1 visa purely at its own discretion. J1Ireland and the US Sponsor does not accept any responsibility in cases where a visa is denied.

J-1 Ireland and the US Sponsor is not responsible for any delays in booking US Embassy interview or the US Embassy processing the visa.

J1 Ireland and the US Sponsor cannot be held responsible for any extra expenses incurred due to delays by applicants in submitting required supporting documentation.

All job offers submitted must be vetted and approved by the US Sponsor. J1 Ireland cannot be held responsible for any extra expenses due to delays in employer answers calls, responding to emails, or supplying up to date business licence and workers’ compensation documents as part of the vetting process.